As a travel nurse, you should have great benefits to go with the great job you do.

You work so hard and dedicate yourself completely to being a travel nurse that you should be rewarded. MedStaff believes this too, which is why we provide some of the best benefits in the industry to our travel nurses for the commitment they put into their careers.

Enjoy compensation that reflects your effort
There's a reason why travel nurses are some of the highest paid in the nursing profession – the flexibility, adaptability, professionalism and dedication they display is unrivaled. Depending on your specialty and where your assignment is located, you can earn pay rates as high as $50/hour.

We also pay shift differentials and offer guaranteed pay in many of our travel nursing jobs. Every week is pay week at MedStaff – experience the true convenience of being paid on a weekly basis. You also won't have to worry about lost or delayed checks because of direct deposit.

Also you can earn up to 15% more money in every paycheck when you enlist in MedStaff's Tax Advantage Plan. You can receive a daily payment for meals and other incidentals if you're a full-time travel nurse that takes their current assignment at least 50 miles away from their home.

MedStaff housing – Clean, comfortable and convenient
MedStaff offers free private housing on every assignment. We make sure when we're looking for housing for you in a city where you're taking a travel nursing job that you can call it home. We make sure the housing you're staying at has what we call the "3 Cs" – clean, comfortable and convenient.

Comprehensive insurance covers you when you need it
MedStaff gives you great insurance benefits during your assignment as a travel nurse. We make sure you're fully covered from health, to free professional liability, to life and dental insurance coverage. We even offer dependent coverage as well as insurance for the short-term.

Awesome bonus benefits
Who doesn't like bonus benefits? As a travel nurse with MedStaff, you can have the chance to get a nice bonus to supplement your top paying salary. We offer $500 referral bonuses to you as well as completion bonuses with many of our travel nursing jobs that range from $500 to as much as $3,000.