Tax Advantage Plan

Travel nurses can add up to 15% more money in their paychecks!

Every day that you are on assignment, with MedStaff, you can add up to 15% more money in each paycheck! You can do this with the MedStaff Tax Advantage Plan, which allows us to make a daily payment for meals and incidental, to full-time travel nurses, like you, who take assignments at least 50 miles away from home.

This works by us including the total amount of extra money that you’ve earned when you receive your paycheck. This benefit means you will receive a large amount of extra money during the year as a travel nurse.

In order to start earning this money, you must be on a MedStaff travel nursing assignment. If you’re not traveling with us yet, click here to apply!

If you are currently on assignment and want to learn even more about the MedStaff Tax Advantage Plan, please call 800.201.9855 for more information.

If you want complete tax details on the Tax Advantage Plan follow this link to the IRS tax code information.