Compensation & Incentives

MedStaff has competitive salaries and lucrative bonuses to take advantage of as a travel nurse.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide need your skills and compassion for travel nursing assignments. As a travel nurse, flexibility and adaptability are required to provide quality care. That’s why you should have the compensation and incentives for the job you’re being asked to do.

No matter how much the salary may vary depending on the location, we here at MedStaff will do everything we can to make sure our pay rates are amongst the highest in the industry – regardless of where you take a travel nursing job in the country. We’ll also give you the opportunity to earn a completion bonus at the end of some specific assignment, making your total compensation with MedStaff a generous one!

Guaranteed Pay
MedStaff's Guaranteed Pay benefit will pay you your regular time rate for any low census shifts in excess of 24 hours. This applies on assignment of 8 weeks or greater at select facilities. Low census hours will be credited towards the minimum contracted hours for each assignment. This benefit will be paid after the successful completion of your assignment. Ask your Recruiter about assignments to which this applies.

Shift Differentials
Healthcare professionals traveling with MedStaff can receive shift differentials at select facilities for evening, night, weekend evening/night and rotating shifts. We realize that these shifts are difficult to fill and we appreciate your dedication and flexibility. Earn up to an additional $2 per hour, per pay period at select facilities for evening, night and rotating shifts.

401k Plan
Planning for a sound future is something on everyone's mind, no matter where you are in your professional career. As a result, MedStaff travelers are eligible to enroll in our 401k plan after only 90 days of continuous employment. We offer you a broad variety of investment options and you may defer up to 50% of your annual wages, tax-free. Ask a Recruiter for details.

Our goal is to truly offer the very best compensation and incentives package in the travel nursing industry. MedStaff wants to make sure you know how much your expertise and efforts are appreciated while you’re on your travel assignment.