Student Nurses 

If you’re a student nurse, consider a Travel Nursing Career!

Having a career as a Registered Nurse (RN) will bring you respect, value and the knowledge that you are pursuing in a profession where your services are indispensable. It’s an exciting time knowing there is a wealth of nursing positions in a variety of specialties out there for you.

As you begin explore the many different clinical specialties available, you will determine what type of RN you want to become. As the old saying goes, “the world is yours”.

At MedStaff, we know how fast the time can go with your studies, and soon, all your hard work will result in a nursing degree. That’s why we’re here to help start your career on the right foot by having created a group for travel nurses and nursing students on Facebook called Travel Nursing 101. This travel nurse group offers the opportunity for student nurse networking, which may result in a great job upon graduation.

You will quickly discover that choosing a travel nursing career is truly capturing the best of everything. Take your love of traveling with the excitement of meeting new people, making new friends and the opportunities to move up in the nursing industry from the very start. Enjoy a number of awesome benefits such as:

As soon as you submit your application, you will be introduced to one of our experienced and helpful MedStaff recruiters who will be ready to assist you with any questions and request that you have. Once you reach the one-year mark of acute-care experience, you can embark on your travel nursing career.

Don’t wait! Click here to join Travel Nursing 101 group on Facebook now! Meet other nursing students, recent graduates and experienced travel nurses, ask questions and network with other people who have similar interests as you.