Travel & Housing

What do I do for housing while on assignment?
MedStaff or the healthcare facility where you are taking the travel nursing assignment will provide housing for you. If we are providing the housing during the period of your travel nursing job, we will work hard to offer you accommodations that are not only attractive but also comfortable.

What can I expect for housing accommodations?
Each travel nurse that works with MedStaff has different tastes and preferences. Therefore, knowing your interests and needs is essential to best customizing your ideal housing arrangements for your time as a travel nurse. We go the extra mile to accommodate any special requests that you may have.

Will I qualify for free housing if I travel with my family or pet?
MedStaff only offers free private housing to those travel nurses going alone. Otherwise, we can offer you a larger apartment for a nominal fee. We'll need to know how many people are traveling with you (maximum of 5) to find the right accommodations.

Most apartment complexes will allow pets; however, some have size and weight restrictions. In most cases, a security deposit is required and, in some cases, an additional monthly pet fee is also charged. The security deposit will typically be refunded with a portion of the deposit retained for a cleaning fee. Pet deposits vary based on housing complex requirements. 

Do you cover any moving costs that we may incur?
No, we don’t; however, we do reimburse you for mileage that you travel to and from your assignment. But we don’t pay for meals or hotels that you may use during your move. You can use those expenses as tax write-offs, but see your tax planner for further details.

Will you provide me with a rental car for the duration of the assignment?
No, but we do reimburse you for miles that you travel to and from your assignment. If you have your own car, you can use that for your travel nursing assignment.

What do I need to do prior to traveling to my nursing assignment?
Once you have determined where your travel nursing job is located, you will have to:

What will I need to bring when I travel?
All apartments are furnished and have window coverings such as curtains and blinds. Standard beds for these apartments are either full or queen sized. Some apartments have microwaves, garbage disposals and dishwashers. Some even offer a monthly rental of a washer and dryer.

Common personal items that you will need to pack for your travel nursing job include:

You can also bring a telephone, television and CD/DVD player if you wish. If you have any special requests or needs, please notify your MedStaff travel nursing recruiter so that they can do their best to accommodate.

Are my personal items insured if I am using MedStaff’s housing accommodations?
Your items will not be insured; however, you can give your insurance company a call, whom can possibly offer you an inexpensive, short-term policy to cover your belongings.

When can I move in?
MedStaff will arrange for you to move into your apartment 48 hours prior to starting your contracted travel nursing assignment.

What will I need to do when I am traveling to my nursing assignment?
The safety and well being of our travel nurses means everything to us at MedStaff. We encourage you to follow a few helpful tips during your trip:

What happens when I arrive at my destination?
When you arrive at your housing accommodations, please do the following: