Licensing & Documentation

Do I still have to fill out the application or “previous employment” section if I send my résumé in its place?
Yes, your application helps us thoroughly understand your specialties and skills so we can match you with the correct travel nursing job. Therefore, the application serves more than just a résumé to us; it’s an essential document that we need to help get to know you. This is why we need you to completely fill it out, sign and return back to us so that we can start evaluating immediately.

Why do I need to provide MedStaff with my Social Security Number?
This is for legal reasons in order for us to complete your tax forms so that you can become a MedStaff employee.

Do I need to pass a physical before starting an assignment with MedStaff?
Yes, our healthcare facility clients require a physical (within the past year) before you start an assignment. Depending on the location where you would be performing the travel nursing job, you may have to fulfill additional requirements but your MedStaff recruiter will inform you of this.

Should I send my reference letters directly or have my employer do so?
Being that your references are an essential part of the assessment process, you will need at least two current and above average references in order to be eligible for travel nursing. Currently, there are three options:

Will you contact my employer during the application process?
We will only contact your current employer with your expressed-written permission. If you do not wish for us to contact your current employer at this time, simply place a reminder note on your application stating your request.

What if my employer won’t give me a reference?
Not a problem. We understand that some healthcare facilities will only give information regarding dates worked and whether you’re eligible for re-hire.

Do I require a license for each state that I take an assignment in?
You need a license for every state in which you work (unless otherwise stated by the licensing body of your specialty). Just call the state's Board of Nursing and request an application. Every state has different requirements; we try to help make the process as simple as possible. Most states require a fee and verification; some may send home tests (AIDS) or require fingerprinting and criminal background checks. You don't need your American Boards for every state. Remember: your Recruiter will assist you every step of the way.

Am I responsible for obtaining my license or is MedStaff?
You will have to obtain the license directly. We can provide you with a list of every state’s licensing board and phone number, or you can find it on our web site. After that, the responsibility falls on you.

How long does it take to get licensed in the next state I am traveling to once I’m licensed to travel in one?
It depends on the state: each has different licensing regulations. You may be able to get your license the same day you apply, or it may take up to several months. If you obtain a license from a compact state that means you can take assignments in other compact states with out having to get another license. This may influence your decision on where you take assignments.

How do I handle my taxes come the end of the year?
When you work at MedStaff, you are not an independent contractor. As your employer, we will withhold your taxes, and then receive a W-2 from every state where you worked at the end of the year.

We will also provide access to a specifically prepared statement of your tax information as well as referral instructions on how to find an Enrolled Agent to make tax preparation easier for you.