Compensation & Bonuses

How much will I get paid?
What you will receive for compensation depends on your nursing specialty, experience and assignment location. MedStaff works hard to get our travel nurses top pay rates for jobs. We offer include shift differentials and completion bonuses in addition to your salary.

Will I have guaranteed hours?
Yes, you will be paid for low census shifts, in excess of 24 hours that cannot be made up during the assignment on a guaranteed pay job. This is why we have guaranteed pay travel assignments all across the United States in a number of different specialties and settings. Contact a MedStaff recruiter for more details.

How will I receive my pay during a travel nursing assignment?
Here at MedStaff, there are two types of travel contracts: 1.) Staffing; 2.) Mobile.

If your travel nursing contract is a staffing agreement, then MedStaff will issue your paycheck on a weekly basis. While you will be paid according to the hospital pay period, we will generate your payroll with checks issued every Friday.

Calculation for your compensation is determined through the time slips faxed by you or the facility every Monday by 5pm EST, after the week that you have worked.  Be sure to verify the hospital workweek, holiday and overtime policies and responsibility of reporting hours with your MedStaff recruiter.

Your paycheck will be issued by the healthcare facility that your travel nursing assignment is currently with per their pay period schedule if your contract is a mobile agreement. The facility will withhold all appropriate taxes from your pay. Timekeeping will depend on the facility’s traveler policy – punch a time card or maintain time slips. If the latter, we will supply them.

Do I have to deduct taxes from my paycheck?
At MedStaff, W-4s are issued with your contract. If your travel nursing job is a staffing agreement, we will issue payroll and deduct the appropriate taxes according to the number of deductions identified on your W-4 form.

You will need to inform us of any W-4 changes that need to be made. We will also deduct state taxes, depending on the state you’re currently on assignment as a travel nurse. 

Completion and Referral Bonuses
These will be taxed given this qualifies as additional income.

License Reimbursement
This is not taxed provided a receipt or canceled check is mailed to MedStaff. We will reimburse up to $100 per license at the successful completion of a travel nursing assignment.

Relocation Reimbursement
You will not be taxed for relocation reimbursement. You will also not be taxed for the first working year for subsidy/housing if proof of a permanent tax residency is on file with MedStaff.

What is the Tax Advantage Plan? How do I become eligible for this?
This allows us to make a daily payment for meals and incidentals to full-time travelers that take assignments at least 50 miles away from their home. To be eligible, you need to be on a current assignment with MedStaff.  

Do you offer award bonuses at MedStaff?
On some travel nursing jobs, you can earn $500 or more in bonuses. Ask a MedStaff recruiter for more details.

Are there opportunities for receiving a referral bonus through MedStaff?
With our referral bonus program, every healthcare professional you refer to MedStaff, who starts his/her first assignment or accept a permanent position will bring you $500.

What if I never received my bonus for referring a friend that started a travel nurse job through MedStaff?
If you haven’t received your bonus, it’s because we don’t have your most recent mailing address. This is incredibly important: PLEASE keep your address up to date with us so your paycheck and other vital information arrive to you without delay.  Contact your recruiter at MedStaff to verify your information or you can update your information online through the portal. If your address hasn’t changed, call us so we can help you resolve the problem.