Do you offer assignments anywhere in the U.S?
MedStaff offers travel nursing assignments all across the country, including the U.S. Virgin Islands. Please note that the needs with each of our clients’ healthcare facilities changes daily. We may not have an opening in your travel nurse specialty specifically; however, we constantly have assignments becoming available. We will do our best to match you in your ideal job to better your travel nursing career.

How long does a travel nursing assignment typically last?
Travel nursing assignments can last anywhere from eight to 26 weeks, depending on the facility and the job requirements. However, the average length for taking a travel nurse assignment with MedStaff is 13 weeks.

Keep in mind that you may have the option to renew your contract with the same facility or the facility may offer you a full-time position.

Are shift differentials offered through MedStaff?
Yes, you can earn up to an additional $2 per hour, per pay period depending on the facility for evening, night and rotating shifts.

Before I complete paperwork and submit to MedStaff, can you tell me about travel nursing assignments now available?
At MedStaff, we receive and fill new travel nursing jobs on a daily basis. By the time your application is processed, our list of available travel nurse assignments will be completely different.

Please also note that we will require detailed information regarding your work experiences, skills and travel goals through your application and skills checklist so that we can match you with the most appropriate travel nursing job.

At the completion of my travel nursing assignment can I decide to continue working at the healthcare facility or take a full-time position?
At the facility’s request, many travel nurses will decide to extend their assignment following its conclusion. While most travel nursing assignments run 13 weeks, some travelers will become full-time employees after completion due to the perfect fit of healthcare facility.

Do I have a legal obligation to remain on assignment with MedStaff if I find I don’t like it?
Yes. When you agree and sign the contract with MedStaff to take a travel nurse assignment with a healthcare facility, you have an obligation to stay until completion. Once the terms of the travel nursing job contract has been fulfilled, you have the choice of choosing another assignment or seeking employment elsewhere. It’s completely up to you.

Can a healthcare facility fire me from a travel nursing assignment if I’m not satisfying their needs?
Like all travel nurses, healthcare facilities are contractually obligated to follow the contractual terms of the travel nursing assignment. They perform the best possible reviews and evaluations they can to select the right candidate. However, in a situation involving a documented clinical or behavioral issue, the healthcare facility has the right to terminate the travel nursing contract. Our clinical liaisons are trained advocates for our travel nurses, who will mediate with the facilities to avoid such extreme circumstances.

Am I required to work the full duration of the travel nurse assignment, or does some of the time count as on-call or other free time?
No, you’re expected to complete the required amount of hours as specified in the terms of the travel assignment contract. The healthcare facility to which you are assigned will work out your specific schedule.